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Hofamat Limestone kiln burner

Product Introduction
  This set of equipment consists of an upper burner, a lower burner and an ejector, and is used for the calcination of limestone in an annular sleeve lime kiln. The matching quantity is determined according to the specifications of the sleeve lime kiln, and the equipment is continuously working.
  The upper and lower burner gas and combustion-supporting air enter respectively from two inlets, and both pass through the swirling device to form a state of air surrounding the gas, which is fully mixed at the nozzle for combustion. The ejector is mainly used to adjust the airflow in the furnace and increase air.
  The gas can be calcium carbide furnace tail gas or coke oven gas.
technical parameter
Device name Upper burner Lower burner Ejector
Equipment quantity (different furnace body quantity of different specifications) 7 7 7
Gas flow 372Nm³/h 952Nm³/h  
Gas pressure 18KPa ~ 20KPa 18KPa ~ 20KPa  
Hot air pressure 9.5KPa 9.5KPa 55KPa
Operating temperature 800°C~900°C 1000°C 800°C~900°C